Arresting Fragments: Object Photography at the Bauhaus

Through September 1, 2019

In celebration of the Bauhaus centennial, the Museum presents Arresting Fragments: Object Photography at the Bauhaus, featuring 90 prints from Bauhaus Archive, Berlin, collections.

The Bauhaus (1919-1933) was an influential German school of art, whose impact can still be felt in modern-day design. This exhibition explores the close relationship of photography, graphic design and the book arts, all areas of significant focus and impact for its program. 

The photographs, made primarily by Lucia Moholy (1923-28), Walter Peterhans (1928-33) and Erich Consemüller, were used at the time to spread Bauhaus ideals through advertising, posters, and publications. Form, spatial and volumetric relationships, surfaces and textures, and structure are revealed, while emphasizing the modernity of items of everyday use, many of them designed at the Bauhaus. A selection of photography of furnishings and buildings is also included.

The Goethe Institut is coordinating a promotional effort around the Bauhaus centennial events in 2019 for all of New England, including the MIT Museum exhibition, The Bauhaus and Harvard at the Harvard Art Museums, and Radical Geometries at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Contributing Support provided by the Kurtz Gallery Exhibitions Fund

Etel Mittag-Fodor, Ball and Bowl, 1928.
Courtesy Bauhaus-Archiv, Berlin