György Kepes Photographs I

Through March 5, 2018

György Kepes (1906-2001) was one of the most influential art practitioners, educators and writers of the twentieth century, and his work as a painter and art teacher has been celebrated in both exhibitions and scholarship.

György Kepes Photographs takes a closer look at a body of work by the artist that has received less attention and study—photography. Featuring rare and never-before-seen photographs that span more than four decades of his creative practice, many of the photographs have been printed from original negatives that are not known to have been printed by the photographer, while others are vintage prints made by Kepes himself that have not been previously exhibited or published.

In 1947, Kepes accepted an invitation from the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT to initiate a program there in visual design, a division that in 1968 became the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS). He remained at MIT until his retirement in 1974. This exhibition coincides with the 50th anniversary of the founding of CAVS.

The exhibition will be featured in two parts. György Kepes Photographs: From Berlin to Chicago, 1930-1946 (September 21, 2017 – March 5 2018) will focus on his time in Europe and Chicago; and György Kepes Photographs: The MIT Years, 1946-1974 (March 16 – August 2018) will concentrate on the body of work he created while working at MIT.