Installations & Collaborations

Glass: Between Liquid and Solid


Through objects, tools, and samples, explore the evolution of glassworking technology.

Right Now: Polaroid's Invention of Instant Photography


See a rare large-format camera from the museum’s Polaroid collection.

Recreating Edgerton


See artist Jorge Otero-Pailos's "Space-Time 1964/2014," a C-print documenting his 2014 re-enactment of Harold Edgerton's iconic 1964 photograph "Bullet Through Apple." Otero-Pailos worked with MIT Museum staff using Edgerton's original equipment.

Slide Rules Display

Slide Rules


Take a close look at the iconic tool that enabled the design of almost everything built before calculators became ubiquitous in the 1970s.

Herreshoff Collection Highlights


See highlights of ship portraits and plans from the Hart Nautical Collection's Herreschoff archives, on view in the hallway to the left of the second-floor visitor services desk.

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