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We brought back some favorites, including Kismet, Cog, Troody, and the Minsky Arm, along with others, highlighting ideas that shaped AI and the birth of robotics, fields that are synonymous with research at MIT. 




Surprising and mysterious, holography has long dazzled and perplexed audiences. Back on view are selected works from the MIT Museum’s collection, the most comprehensive in the world. Included are works by famed holography expert and co-founder of the MIT Media Lab, Stephen Benson.

Projects and Prototypes: MIT Student Work

Through April 1, 2019

Making stuff is an essential part of the MIT student experience. Through success and failure, students learn to communicate, investigate, and persist in the pursuit of answers to their own questions. 

Hart Nautical Gallery

Hart Nautical Gallery


A pair of installations in the MIT Museum’s Hart Nautical Gallery trace the evolution of ocean engineering at MIT since the early 20th century.

Located at 77 Mass. Ave., Cambridge


The MIT Moderns


Explore modernist graphic design through the important contributions of the MIT Office of Design Services in the 1960s-1980s, one of the most innovative design practices of its time in the country. 

Glass: Between Liquid and Solid


Through objects, tools, and samples, explore the evolution of glassworking technology.

Right Now: Polaroid's Invention of Instant Photography


See a rare large-format camera from the museum’s Polaroid collection.

Slide Rules Display

Slide Rules


Take a close look at the iconic tool that enabled the design of almost everything built before calculators became ubiquitous in the 1970s.

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