Hart Nautical Gallery


The Hart Nautical Gallery is located at 77 Mass. Ave., Cambridge

A pair of installations in the MIT Museum’s Hart Nautical Gallery trace the evolution of ocean engineering at MIT since the early 20th century.

When the Hart Nautical Collections were formed in 1924, they were part of the Institute’s Department of Naval Engineering. Today Ship Models: The Evolution of Ship Design in the Hart Nautical Gallery pays homage to the discipline of naval engineering through more than two dozen of the MIT Museum’s finest full-hull ship models. Highlights range from a fifteenth-century iron-clad warship, to famous clipper ships like Cutty Sark, to twentieth-century battleships.

By 2005, the department, then named the Department of Ocean Engineering, merged with the Department of Mechanical Engineering to become one of MechE’s seven research areas. MIT MechE: Seeking Innovative Solutions to Global Issues explores current projects across all seven major research areas with MIT’s Mechanical Engineering department: