MIT Museum Filming Guidelines

The MIT Museum is a small museum that is very busy during certain periods of the year, and our first priority is to protect the objects on display. Although we do our best to accommodate the needs of filmmakers and television crews, it is not aways possible. All crews must be escorted by Museum staff during filming. Please use these additional guidelines to determine whether or not you want to pursue filming at the MIT Museum.

All filming privileges are at the discretion of the MIT Museum.

Advance notice required
We generally need at least two weeks to schedule a crew.

$300 nonrefundable fee for a three-hour maximum time in the museum. Additional staffing charges may apply.

Request permission
For permission to film in the MIT Museum galleries, contact Martha Davis at

For permission to film in the MIT Museum collections facilities, contact Deborah Douglas, Director of Collections, at

In your request, please include:

  • Name of your organization
  • Name of the contact person
  • Address to be billed
  • Number of crew who will be at the museum
  • A short description of your project and how it will be distributed.

We will contact you to discuss your request.

Crews must provide a certificate of insurance prior to the day they arrive at the museum.

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