Our hands-on workshops have long been a hit for students grades 6-12, but increasingly adult/senior and corporate groups are finding that they are a great option for educational and team-building outings.

Your visit will start with a guided introduction to related museum exhibtions or current research at MIT, then the group will head to the classroom to complete a project, aided by an educational instructor. We offer a range of workshops topics (please see below). 

Workshops are subject to the availability of instructors, and the spring and summer seasons are especially busy, so make your reservation early, but no later than two weeks in advance.

Available Monday through Friday, with recommended start times at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Last workshop start time at 3 pm. Max 25 participants. (groups of more than 25 can be split and reverse the order of tour/classroom).  

Workshops for students 6-12 only. One chaperone/8 students required.


$300 for up to 25 students with three chaperones

$300 for up to 25 seniors

$400 for up to 25 adults

Includes general admission to the MIT Museum galleries. A late fee of $25 will be applied if booking less than two weeks in advance. The Museum may impose additional fees when multiple workshops are requested that require additional resources. A representative will call to discuss this with you. Please inquire about discounted rates for schools in New England.

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Sail Through Engineering


Learn about the engineering design process by building and testing your own model boat. This workshop is offered in conjunction with Lighter, Stronger, Faster: The Herreshoff Legacy, opening this fall.

Visualizing Science


See the world in more detail by using a range of visual technologies. Build observation skills and explore artifacts from the Museum's Collections and actual research objects from MIT labs.

Introduction to Robotics


Learn what makes a robot tick in this introduction to programming. Participants will use LEGO EV3 Mindstorms to explore how to program robots to move and react to their surroundings.

Make to Move


Find your inner engineer and artist while exploring the MIT Museum’s Gestural Engineering exhibit. Explore the functionality of gears, pulleys, linkages, and more, in order to build your own working kinetic sculpture.

Hello Holography!


In this workshop, students will experiment with light in order to investigate the basic principles behind holography. Learn how three dimensional objects are “captured” on film through hands-on activities, including the making of an actual hologram.

Structural Engineering: Building Better Bridges


Learn how simple geometry is used to engineer the longest bridges and the tallest buildings in the world by building your own structures. Discover the strength of basic materials, such as paper and 3D printed parts, in this hands-on workshop.

Physics and Photography


Make waves, explore magnetism, and try your hand at strobe photography. Participants will learn how photography can be used to capture images of events that our eyes cannot normally see.

Advanced Robotics


Advance your LEGO EV3 programming skills while learning about MIT robotics research. Learn to use sensors to help your robot navigate through new challenges. This workshop picks up where our Robotics Engineering workshop left off.

Fish 'n' Ships


Participants will be encouraged to design, build, and test nature-inspired mechanisms for ship propulsion. Additionally, participants will learn how MIT researchers use biomimicry to create engineering solutions for a wide range of problems.

DNA and Protein Synthesis


How does the human body know how to create the molecules it needs? In this workshop, students will use LEGO pieces to learn about the molecular biology of DNA, RNA, and proteins, and how they are related. 

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