Selected Objects

Pictured: Formula SAE Racecar, MIT Motorsports Team, 2009

Nobel Winner

The MIT Museum joins with the entire MIT Community to congratulate Rainer Weiss ’55, PhD ’62, professor emeritus of physics at MIT as the Nobel Prize winner in physics for 2017.

MIT's Most Famous Class

The laboratory, the library, and the lecture hall are the quintessential spaces of any university campus. MIT’s most significant space is known simply as Room 10-250. 

Slide Rules

The slide rule is the iconic instrument of the engineering profession. From the mid-19th century through the 1970s, every significant human-built structure has involved its use.

Teaching surveying

For nearly a century, civil engineering students learned the craft of surveying as a vital part of their education.

MIT Architectural Student Drawings

Robert Ellsworth Jenks’ rendu—a highly finished drawing in watercolor of the major features of a building— demonstrates not only the importance of pictorial rendering as a rhetorical method in architectural design, but also how fluently students assimilated and reworked styles prevalent in contemporary practice.

Weather Radar Research

MIT’s pioneering role in weather radar began at the Radiation Laboratory during WWII. Following the war, the military transferred several radar systems to MIT, which quickly became a key center for weather radar research.

Strain Gage Denture Tenderometer

Brody’s instrument was a way to objectively measure food properties that had never before been considered measurable, like texture.

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