Big Bang Data

Through April 1, 2018

Big Bang Data explores the intersections of culture, technology, and society in the digital age.

Through powerful, visually stirring installations, explore how the generation, processing and, above all, interpretation of data is radically transforming our society and changing the ways decisions at all levels are made.

Big Bang Data was conceived by the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona and has traveled globally including to London, Mexico City, Prague, and Singapore.

Recent MIT research projects on a broad range of topics such as how the sewer system can work as a vast reservoir of information on human health and behavior, facial recognition and social justice, and global warming’s impact on sea levels will be added during its stop at the MIT Museum.


This exhibition is generously supported by the Associate Provost for the Arts, Philip Khoury. Additional support has been provided by the Council for the Arts at MIT.

Flight Patterns, Aaron Koblin