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Sail Through Engineering: One-day Teachers Professional Development Workshop
February 20, 2020, and April 21, 2020 

Educators know that active learning promotes deeper learning and engagement. And, as Massachusetts science and mathematics standards move towards application and problem solving, being able to support project-based learning in the classroom has become even more relevant.

In this one-day course you will learn how to integrate hands-on engineering projects into your regular curriculum and encourage students to engage with science and math as tools to solve real-world problems. Design, build, and test your own model boat as you explore the Lighter, Stronger, Faster exhibition at the MIT Museum to discover how connections can be made to historic objects and innovations. 

Participants who complete all workshop components, including a post-workshop assignment, will earn 10 PDPs. This workshop is designed for middle and high school educators.

Groups of 3+ (in the same school district), $75/person.
February 20: Register to attend
April 21: Register to attend


When Subjects Collide: Teacher Professional Development Workshop

Positioned at the intersection of art and science, the MIT Museum explores the connections and blurs the distinctions between traditional subject areas. In this teacher professional development workshop, learn how you can discover and take advantage of the connections between your subject area and others. We will explore strategies for integrating science, art, history, English, and more into your curriculum using hands-on learning, Museum collections, and MIT research.

This workshop will be offered as a day-long workshop, and as a 5-session evening program. Both options offer Professional Development Points (PDPs) for teachers. Educators of middle and high school students in all subject areas are welcome to participate. Due to the interdisciplinary topic, we also encourage teams of teachers from the same district to participate in order to start conversations around interdisciplinary education. Discounts are available to participants registering as part of a school team

Full-day Workshop
Tues., Feb. 18, 2020 or Thurs., April 23, 2020
9 a.m.- 4 p.m.
10 PDPs
Groups of 3+ (from the same school district), $75/person
February 18: Register to attend
April 23: Register to attend

Multi-day Workshop
Five sessions, every other week starting Tues., March 17, 2020 (ending May 26)
6 - 8 p.m.
15 PDPs
Groups of 3+ (from the same school district), $75/person

To register, contact Brian Mernoff at 


Other Opportunities

Scanning Electron Microscope Explorations

Do your students have an experiment or observations they wish to make on the nanoscale? If so, sign up to use the scanning electron microscope at the MIT Museum. Educators can request one-hour time slots for groups of up to 12 students in grades 6+ to use the microscope. During the session, an MIT Museum instructor will teach your students about the microscope, guide them through sample preparation, and aid them in using the instrument for their experiment.

Groups that sign up to run experiments for fall 2019 will be able to use the microscope at no additional cost after admission.

To propose and experiment and request time with the microscope, please fill out the request form. Please email with any questions.

This experience is made possible by the Hitachi High-Tech SEM Loan Program.



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