Exhibition of MIT Student Work

Call for Proposals

Projects and Prototypes: MIT Student Work



The MIT Museum invites proposals from MIT students for projects to be exhibited in Projects and Prototypes: MIT Student Work. In celebration of MIT’s problem-solving ethos and willingness to tackle humanity’s greatest challenges, we seek to exhibit projects that have the potential to make the world a better place.


Projects and Prototypes showcases the creative talents of MIT students to the tens of thousands of people who visit the MIT Museum each year.

“When I built the robotic arm, I simply couldn’t have imagined hundreds of people using my creation daily, and it was flattering to see how interested visitors were in my work. Having an exhibit in the Museum’s student exhibition has literally been one of the most inspiring experiences of my life.” 
— Tatyana Gubin, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 2017

"A researcher from Chicago visited the museum last month and after experiencing my installation, invited me to collaborate with her lab.”
— Paloma Gonzalez Rojas, Ph.D. in Architecture, 2020


Projects may be submitted by

  • students from any MIT school or department
  • undergraduates or graduate students
  • individual students or groups of students


Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Development of the projects into exhibits will occur during the 2016-2017 academic year.


Complete the proposal form.

MIT faculty or staff may recommend student work via email to student-exhibition@mit.edu.

We will select a very limited number of entries for Projects and Prototypes. The MIT Museum will have final decision on which entries to accept and display.

What else?

If we select your project for exhibition, MIT Museum staff will work with you to adapt it for public display. You may be asked to provide a short explanation of your work for print, review interpretive graphics for accuracy, make moving parts or interactive components more robust, and provide help with repairs during the course of the exhibit.


The MIT Museum will make every effort to help you with your project, including providing equipment when possible. However, no equipment can be guaranteed. You should develop your proposal with the expectation of providing all equipment (computers, displays, etc.) for up to two years.