Holography: Dimensions of Light

Through February 2018

View and interact with selected works from the MIT Museum’s comprehensive holography collection in Holography: Dimensions of Light.

Surprising and mysterious, holography has long dazzled and perplexed audiences. Through new interactive experiences, visitors gain insight about how the interplay between one’s eyes, brain, and light creates three-dimensional space. By viewing the various optical components used in making holograms, you’ll begin to understand the physics that make these dramatic images possible.

The exhibition includes a variety of historic holograms, including the iconic Crystal Beginnings and Motif I, the first white-light transmission hologram, both created by MIT Professor Stephen Benton (1941–2003). Also called “rainbow” holography, Benton’s discovery made the commercialization of holography possible and exemplifies his seminal role in communicating between the realms of technical and artistic holography.

Pictured: Rind II, Stephen A. Benton, Herbert S. Mingace, Jr., William R. Houde-Walter, 1977.