The Polaroid Project: At the Intersection of Art and Technology Part II Online

Available online through Dec 31, 2020

In the spirit of innovation and ingenuity so central to Polaroid, we’re pleased to present The Polaroid Project, Part II online. The second installation of our popular exhibition, originally scheduled to be on view in our galleries March 7-June 21, 2020, closed after just seven days in due to COVID-19.

This 3-D interactive “tour” with commentary by curators Deborah Douglas and Barbara Hitchcock is part of an effort to provide online access to exhibitions and programs while our building remains closed. An online Curator Talk is planned for October 29. we hope you'll join us.

About the Exhibition
In its heyday, Polaroid and its products were loved by millions of amateurs and embraced by countless professionals. The Polaroid Project tells the fascinating and instructive story of the Polaroid company, and presents various dimensions of the art-technology relationship through original works of art and artifacts--including cameras, prototypes, experimental films and other technical materials—largely from the MIT Museum’s own historic Polaroid collection.