MIT's Most Famous Class

Original Seats, Room 10-250, 1916–1977

The laboratory, the library, and the lecture hall are the quintessential spaces of any university campus. MIT’s most significant space is known simply as Room 10-250. Nobel Prize winners and MIT presidents have been introduced to the world in this room. World-renowned figures have lectured here. Students lucky enough to be in Professor Donald Sadoway’s oversubscribed materials science course (3.091) have squeezed into this hall three times a week.

For nearly a century, thousands of students have listened to lectures, attended demonstrations, watched movies, and enjoyed student group performances here. They have been enthralled, engaged, and, on a few occasions, put to sleep in this lecture hall. Today, through online programs such as MIT Video, MITx, and edX, you can experience some of the myriad offerings in this space even if you are far from Cambridge.

Exhibited: Original Seats, Room 10-250, 1916–1977.
Photo: Michael Cardinali for MIT Museum.