Imaging Science

June 6 - 20, 2020

Join in a two-week celebration of observing and documenting the world around us through photography. After a kick-off webinar where panelists will discuss science photography, the challenge begins as you take, then post images using #MITMImagingScience.

To help you along the way, we will share photography technique tutorials and sample images throughout the program. A final webinar event will feature winners of the Koch Institute’s annual photography contest who will discuss their work, answer your questions, and pick their favorite photos from your submissions!

Whether you use a cell phone, point and shoot, or interchangeable lens camera, we invite you to participate—no matter what your previous photography experience.

This event is co-hosted by the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT

Opening Zoom Webinar

June 6, 2020
1-1:45 pm

Kick off the two-week celebration by joining us for a panel discussion with Felice Frankel, award-winning science photographer and MIT research scientist in the departments of Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and Keith Ellenbogen, acclaimed underwater photographer and Assistant Professor of Photography at SUNY/Fashion Institute of Technology, and Visiting Artist at MIT Sea Grant, who will discuss what makes a successful science photograph, and how composition plays an important role in communicating your observations of the world.

Watch a recording of the opening event.

Closing Webinar

June 20, 2020
1:00 pm

Join us for the final webinar event featuring winners of the Koch Institute’s annual photography contest:

  • Sudha Kumari, Research Scientist at the MIT Koch Institute
  • Matheus Victor, HHMI Hanna Gray Fellow at MIT
  • Calvin Leung, PhD candidate at MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics
  • Lina A. Colucci, PhD Co-Founder, Edge Analytics
  • Quinton Smith, Ph.D. HHMI Hanna Gray Postdoctoral Fellow, Siebel Scholar MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

who will use some of your submissions to highlight what makes a winning science photograph and answer your questions.

Watch a recording of the final webinar.

Help Along the Way

Visit the Koch Institute Public Galleries to draw inspiration for your work.

For an additional challenge, try and take photos that fit within these categories: Up Close, Big Picture, Water Water Everywhere, Movement, and Behind the Scenes.

To hone your skills, take a look at these tutorial videos:

Taking Advantage of Camera Settings
Up Close Observations: Macro Photography
Faster Than a Speeding Shutter: High Speed Photography
Looking Up: Astrophotography
Light Modification
Beyond the Camera: Imaging Processing