Money for Nothing: An Author Talk with Thomas Levenson and Carl Zimmer

September 24, 2020

Join us for an evening discussion with author Thomas Levenson and his friend and fellow science writer Carl Zimmer as they explore the intersection of science, math, and the birth of the modern financial system that took place in London in the early 1700’s by way of Levenson’s newly published book, Money for Nothing: The Scientists, Fraudsters, and Corrupt Politicians who Reinvented Monday, Panicked a Nation, and Make the World Rich. 

This live webinar will include the opportunity for registered audience members to pose and get answers to their questions with these two well-known science writers.

About the Speakers:
Thomas Levenson is a professor of science writing at MIT. He is the author of several books, including The Hunt for VulcanEinstein in Berlin, and Newton and the Counterfeiter: The Unknown Detective Career of the World’s Greatest Scientist.

Carl Zimmer Carl Zimmer is a popular science writer, blogger, columnist, and journalist who specializes in the topics of evolution, parasites, and heredity. He is the author of many books and contributes science essays to publications such as The New York Times, Discover, and National Geographic.

7:30–8:30 pm
Register for this free, live event
The talk will also be available for viewing live on the MIT Museum’s Facebook page through Facebook Live (no registration required).

This event is co-sponsored by the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (MIT SHASS)