Past Exhibitions

ANN, Paula Dawson

Luminous Windows

Winter 2009

Throughout the winter, from dusk until 2 a.m. the MIT Museum presents an exhibition of contemporary, 3-D holographic artworks displayed in the windows viewable only from outside the Mark Epstein Innovation Gallery, on the street and sidewalks of Massachusetts Avenue.

Klein Side Scan Sonar: A World Leader in Ocean Exploration

Through 2009
The Beginnings of Side Scan Sonar From Sonar to Side Scan Sonar

Low Rez/HI FI

Through 2009

Low Rez/HI FI consists of a of double-sided light-emitting diode (LED) net that addresses and engages passers-by with its performative and responsive behavior. Movement along the sidewalk, captured by cameras, triggers a dynamic response from each of the addressable pixels.

Learning Lab: The Cell

Through 2008

Learning Lab: The Cell was an innovative space developed by the MIT Museum in collaboration with the MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences to create a laboratory for self-guided and directed learning in the middle of the MIT Museum.

Sampling MIT – Past Installations

Browse past installations from the museum’s ever-changing Sampling MIT exhibition. Connect with cutting-edge research being done by students and staff at MIT today.

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