Idea Hub

Weekends, noon–4 p.m.
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Explore topics in design and engineering with artistic circuits, 3-D programs, chain reactions, and a variety of other hands-on making and tinkering topics. Drop in each week and try out one of our many activities, including:

3-D Printing and Design

Learn how to design in three dimensions using Tinkercad and explore how 3-D printers can turn digital models into reality.

App Inventor

Explore MIT’s App Inventor program and develop your own app for a smartphone or tablet.

Chain Reaction

Discover the potential of engineering improvisation as we tinker and create chain reaction contraptions.

Kinetic Sculptures

Create a unique moving art piece engineered to move with gears, cams, linkages, and pulleys.

Paper Circuits

Use copper tape and LEDs to create your own artistic light-up cards, paper models, and more.

Programming with Scratch

Design your own simple video game or animation using the block-based programming language Scratch.

Sewn Circuits

Construct a working and wearable circuit using LEDs, batteries, and conductive thread.

Upcoming sessions:

Saturday, August 20 - App Inventor
Sunday, August 21 - Programing with Scratch

Saturday, August 27 - 3-D Printing and Design
Sunday, August 28 - Kinetic Sculpture

Saturday, September 3 - Kinetic Sculpture
Sunday, September 4 - Kinetic Sculpture

Saturday, September 10 - App Inventor
Sunday, September 11 - 3D Printing and Design

Saturday, September 17 - Data Sculpture *
Sunday, September 18 - Paper Circuits

Saturday, September 24 - Kinetic Sculpture
Sunday, September 25 - Chain Reaction

Saturday, October 1 - 3D Printing and Design
Sunday, October 2 - Kinetic Sculpture

Saturday, October 8 - Paper Circuits

* Data Sculpture: In this special Idea Hub session Rahul Bhargava, a Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Civic Media, will show us methods to work with data to tell stories in creative ways.

Free with museum admission and appropriate for ages 12 and up. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Activities are determined based on staff availability and are subject to change.