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Imre Halasz Collection Project List and Further Reading

Chronological listing of projects represented in the collection:


Curry Office and Showroom, Boston, MA

Restaurant Entrance, Worcester, MA


Curry Residence, Hingham, MA


Gate House, MIT, Cambridge, MA


Home in Nahant (Angiulo House), Nahant, MA

Westboro Country Club and Motel, Westboro, MA


Boston Architectural College Design Competition, Boston, MA

Bernstein House, Brookline, MA

City Motel, Boston, MA

Open Air Theater, Hull, MA

Brunswick Gardens Prefabricated Houses, Peabody, MA


Shawmut Bank, Boston, MA


Cambridge West Research Center, Cambridge, MA


Abt Associates Offices, Cambridge, MA

Newton Lower Falls Urban Renewal, Newton, MA


United Carr Research Laboratory, Burlington, MA


Don Bosco Technical High School Master Plan, Boston, MA

NASA Electronic Research Center Master Plan, Cambridge, MA


Le Centre Beaubourg Design Competition, Paris, France

Commercial Wharf Waterfront Urban Renewal Area Master Plan, Boston, MA

Commercial Wharf Building Rehabilitation, Boston, MA

Hearthstone Plaza, Brookline, MA

Low-Income Housing Feasibility Study, Waltham, MA

NASA Avionics System Facility, Cambridge, MA

NASA Computer and Instrumentation Research Laboratory, Cambridge, MA


Vienna South Urban Expansion Town Planning Competition, Vienna, Austria


Department of Transportation Central Support Building, Cambridge, MA

Don Bosco Technical High School Phase I, School Expansion, Boston, MA

Residential Complex, Medford, MA


Abt Associates Offices Extension, Cambridge, MA

Saint Dominick Savio High School Remodeling and Extension, Boston, MA


Housing for Elderly Persons, Winthrop, MA

Northgate Community Housing, MIT, Cambridge, MA


Adaptable Light-Weight Construction (Alcon) System for Housing

First Christ Church Development Feasibility Study, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Housing for Older Persons, Chelmsford, MA

Joan Gale House, Melvin Village, NH


Carter Elementary and Middle School, Boston, MA

Hearthstone Plaza Pedestrian Overpass, Brookline, MA

Imre Halasz Residence, Boston, MA

Joan Gale Studio and Guest Cottage, Melvin Village, NH

Kaufmann House, Mashpee, MA


Magic Pan Restaurant Renovation, Boston, MA

Rolly-Michaux Gallery, Boston, MA


Feasibility study for Land Reclamation and Urban Development, Corinto, Nicaragua

Master Plan and Urban Design of the an Judas District Center, Managua, Nicaragua


Master Plan for the Satellite Cities of Managua, Nicaragua

Revitalization and Restructuring of the Historic District of Santiago, Chile


Brown Residence Renovation, Boston, MA

Dante Alighieri Cultural Center Development, Cambridge, MA

Prototype Intermediate Care Facility


University Bank and Trust Company Renovation, Cambridge, MA


Fitchburg Elementary School Remodeling and Extension, Fitchburg, MA


Housing for the Elderly, Waltham, MA


Boys and Girls Club of Cambridge, Cambridge, MA

Wellington-Harrington Housing, Cambridge, MA


Lilac Court, Cambridge, MA

Lincoln Wharf Development, Boston, MA

Massachusetts Bay Community College Revitalization, Framingham, MA


Cambridge Street Office Building, Cambridge, MA

Don Bosco Technical High School Phase II, Electronics Computer Center, Boston, MA

Don Bosco Technical High School Phases III and IV, Housing, Boston, MA

Saint John of Damascus Church, Dedham, MA


Hampshire Street Condominiums, Cambridge, MA

Office Building and Condominiums, Wakefield, MA

Portsmouth District Courthouse, Portsmouth, NH


Commercial Street Housing, Provincetown, MA

Four Seasons Place Condominiums, Boston, MA

Northern Massachusetts Telephone Workers Credit Union, Lowell, MA

Roslindale High School Adaptive Reuse Renovation for Housing, Roslindale, MA

Rotch Library Remodeling and Extension, MIT, Cambridge, MA


Camp Edwards Site Use Development (Massachusetts National Guard), Barnstable County, MA

Condominiums, Provincetown, MA

Housing for Older Persons, Plimpton, MA

Milton Street Housing, Worcester, MA

Spring Valley Country Club, Sharon, MA

Studio Hadzi, Cambridge, MA


Bradford Street Residence, Provincetown, MA

Holley Farm Resort Renovation, Farmington, ME

Pilgrim House, Provincetown, MA

Tourist Information Center Design Competition, Boston, MA


Saint Boltoph Street Initiative, Fenway, Boston, MA

Salomon House, Nantucket, MA


Freemen’s Landing Expansion of Pilgrim House, Provincetown, MA


Urban Planning and Renewal, Alessandria, Italy

Urban Planning and Renewal, Budapest, Hungary

Further Reading

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On Imre Halasz:

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Imre Halasz’s work has been featured in numerous journals, magazines, and newspapers including: Architectural Forum, Architectural Record, L’Architteura, Arquitectura, Arte, Bauform und Baukunst, Blockpoint, The Boston Globe, Brick and Tile, CA 27, Christian Science Monitor, Construccion, Costruire in laterizio, Deutsche Bauzeitung, Fortune, Interiors, Iowa Architect, Magyar Epitouveszet, El Mercurio, Plan, Progressive Architecture, Tér és Forma, La Tercer Dela Hora, Time Magazine, and Las Ultimas Noticias.