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Step into the intricate geometry of a spider’s web, digitally recreated and transformed into a sonic biome.

A spider’s web is the inspiration and the musical instrument in this interdisciplinary – and interspecies – installation.

Arachnodrone grew out of a fascination with and research into spiders and their webs. Using laser scans to digitally reproduce the spider’s web, and transforming the structure of the web into sound, it becomes an instrument where movement is manifested as complex harmonies.

A multimedia installation by:
Isabelle Su, PhD ’21: virtual web modeling
Christine Southworth, ’02: visual images, projection design
Ian Hattwick, Christine Southworth, Isabelle Su, and Evan Ziporyn: instrument and sound design

Inspired by collaborations with:
Tomás Saraceno, CAST Visiting Artist
Markus Buehler, Jerry McAfee (1940) Professor in Engineering and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Arachnodrone is presented at the MIT Museum in collaboration with the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST) as part of the CAST x MIT Museum partnership, a series of co-produced interdisciplinary arts installations and programs.