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drawing of housedrawing of house

Drawing After ModernismOngoing

In the 1970s and 1980s, many architects sought to overturn the traditions of modern architecture, finding it dull, dogmatic, and formulaic. Drawing soon became a primary medium of expression for their new architectural ideas.

Believing that the status quo was no longer acceptable, postmodern architects played with color, ornament, and history in ways that modernism would never have allowed.

On view in this alluring spectrum of graphics is an intimate record of creative expression, blurring the lines of art and practice and establishing drawing as more than just a necessary step in the architectural design process.

Image: Stanley Tigerman, The Anti-Cruelty Society Addition, Chicago, Illinois, 1981.

All drawings on display are gifts of Danielle and Martin E. Zimmerman ’59

Located in the Ronald A. (1954) and Carol S. Kurtz Photography Gallery