265 Mass Ave Window Installation


The museum has launched a series of video installations which can be viewed from outside our 265 Massachusetts Avenue location, allowing access to a museum experience while the building remains closed. These installations feature work by artists and researchers that integrate art with science, technology, and innovation.

Currently on View

Our current window installation features highlights from Total Internal Reflection, a virtual exhibition drawn from student projects during the Fall 2020 Vision in Art and Neuroscience (9.72/9.720) class. Offered by the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and taught at the MIT Museum Studio & Compton Gallery, this year’s class was held online, led by Seth Riskin, Sarah Schwettmann, and Pawan Sinha.

The course draws upon the disciplines of art and neuroscience to explore their common ground: the creative faculty of vision. The camera served as the common eye of the class, a portal between physical and digital spaces, and as a means of creating, documenting and sharing visual experiences. Working remotely, the students’ explorations were bounded, but full of light. To view the entire virtual exhibition, the MIT Museum Studio’s first, visit https://vision.mit.edu/tir

Online exhibition and projections designed by Sarah Schwettmann and Seth Riskin.

Works on view: Moiré Soirée, Dustin Atlas; Consider The Scallop, AKMS; I Am A Much More Intense Person Than You Think I Am!, Leyla Akay; Before Sight Comes Perception, Kasturi Shah; Emergence, Sarah Abodalo; Beyond Horizon, Neetu Singhal; Facets of Vision, David Mackay; The Mystery of Miniatures, Ada Huang; Waltz of Color, Rihn H; Size Illusions, Jane Zen; Reflections and Transcendence, Maggie Chen; Fractured and Dissolved, Architecture Ablaze: Toward an Understanding of Ayeneh-kari, Reza Daftarian; Of Horizons and Mirages, Dishita Turakhia.

Image shown here: Reflections and Transcendence, Maggie Chen.