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As part of MIT’s Kendall Square Initiative, the MIT Museum is preparing to take up residence in the eye of Kendall Square’s innovation district, where it will occupy more than 57,000 square feet of galleries, classrooms, and state-of-the-art program and performance spaces—all at the threshold of MIT’s campus.

Visitors from local and regional communities, as well as domestic and international travelers, will encounter a destination for curiosity and fun, and a venue for exploration through the Museum’s extensive and unique collections of MIT’s past achievements. The Museum will also present the current work of MIT students and faculty, and showcase critical thinkers and problem solvers outside the MIT community, whose work is impacting the world in which we live.

The Museum will serve as a convener for conversations and interactions between Cambridge residents, the MIT community, and the companies that have made Kendall Square their home. 

We are determined that MIT shall have the kind of museum it really deservesa place of high quality, that offers a vivid introduction to the work of the Institute past and present, that provides the widest access to our unique historical collections, and that inspires generations of future scientists, engineers, and innovators. Opportunities like this don’t come along every day. We’ve embarked on an exciting journey, and we hope you will join us!"

- John Durant, Mark R. Epstein (Class of 1963) Director, MIT Museum


In May 2016, The City of Cambridge Planning Board unanimously approved special permits for the Initiative, which includes the development of six new buildings as well as a variety of new open spaces and retail venues. Read news article.

Local architects Höweler + Yoon Architecture have been engaged to design the Museum space, while the Germany-based firm Atelier Brückner has been selected to conduct museum experience master planning, including identifying the vision for public engagement and opportunities for the visitor experience.

Another project milestone was met in April 2017 when the Cambridge Planning Board approved the design of Site 5, the Museum’s new location. Meanwhile, prep work at the site, located adjacent to the Kendall T stop, is underway. 



MIT News article. September 28, 2017

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