Imaging Science: Discovery Through Photography

June, 2021

What can you discover through photography? Pick up your favorite camera, cellphone, microscope, or telescope and join us as we explore. Through our series of webinars, learn how you can use your camera to observe the world at different scales and get inspired by guest experts.

You can also create and discover along with us! Check out our video tutorials on imaging techniques, and share your work with the hashtag #MITMImagingScience on Instagram or Twitter.


Register for live Zoom sessions Thursdays 6-7:00 pm in June:


June 3: Imaging the Micro World

How can we use imaging to explore the surprising world of tiny things? We invite you to join us as we explore the microscopic world alongside guest experts. During this webinar, we will learn about their processes of observing and introduce techniques that you can use to explore the tiny things around you.

Special Guests:

Jess Holz, Electron Microscope Artist and Technician at Boston University
Explore the work of Jess Holz

Wendy Salmon, Manager, Keck Imaging Facility, Whitehead Institute
Learn more about Wendy Salmon
Learn more about the Keck Imaging Facility

Erika Reinfeld
Explore the Koch Institute Image Galleries


June 10: Imaging the World Around Us

Photography is an excellent tool for capturing observations of the world around us. The process of taking a picture can help us focus and observe things that we have never noticed before. We invite you to join us alongside guest experts as we learn about their processes of observation and challenge you to explore everyday things in a new way.

Special Guests:

Keith Ellenbogen, Underwater Photographer
Explore the work of Keith Ellenbogen

Caterina Maina, Founder and Curator of Co-Arts Gallery
Learn more about the Co-Arts Gallery
Explore Caterina’s Work


June 17: Imaging Out of this World

How can we use photography to observe things that are out of this world. From imaging other stars and planets, to looking back down at the Earth itself, imaging can teach us a lot about our universe. We invite you to join us along side guest experts as we explore what they learn from imaging objects at a very large scale and introduce ways that you too can explore space through photography.

Special Guests:

Clara Sousa-Silva, Quantum Astrochemist at the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian
Learn more about Clara Sousa-Silva

Curtis Woodcock, Professor, Director of the Center for Remote Sensing, Earth & Environment, College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University
Learn more Earth imaging through Landsat

Erika Wright, Education Specialist Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian
Learn more about the Center for Astrophysics
Learn how you can use the MicroObservatory


June 24: From Micro to Astro - Learning Through Photography

Just as we have challenged you to take images and make observations, our guest panelists from throughout this month have also been asked to create images at scales outside of their expertise. With our guest host, Creative Director of MIT News Christine Daniloff, our panelists will return to share their results, discuss their experiences, and provide tips and tricks.

Guest Host:

Christine Daniloff, Creative Director MIT News
Learn more about Christine Daniloff
Explore MIT News
Learn about Christine’s Work


The MIT Museum aims to make its online programs accessible to as many individuals as possible. Live automatic captions will be provided for all webinars through Zoom. Live closed captioning services (CART) will be provided when requested at least two weeks in advance of a program. Please email to request CART services or suggest other accommodations that would help you fully participate in this program.