Kids Science Club


Explore all sides of science and join us at the Kids Science Club! Sign up for any or all of the topics listed below to reserve a kit full of all the materials you’ll need to participate in the activities. Then, join us on zoom as we explore and experiment! 

For families with kids age 6-10.

Pre-registration required to attend live sessions and reserve your kit. Please check the registration deadlines below. After you register, you will receive a zoom link to the live session and detailed pickup instructions.

Please note: kits must be picked up in person at the MIT Museum (265 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA, 02139) on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday from 10:00am-4:00pm. 



April 10, 10:00– 11:00am - Rocking Rocks (& Minerals)
Register by April 5
We will be focusing on geology and exploring rocks & minerals! Each kit will include specimens of rocks and minerals, and other geology tools. The goal will be to identify your rocks together and test them out! This experiment will “rock” and bring out the investigative side of science. (Note: This kit contains sharp objects. Safety Glasses are included!)  

April 17, 10:00– 11:00am - Rainbow Science
Register by April 8.
Breaking News: Scientists have discovered that Unicorns making rainbows is a Myth! We will be on a mission to discover the basics of rainbows, light waves, and refraction. There will be lots of rainbows during our session, and tons of fun. The goal is to discover science in everyday items and to learn about the “whys” of science. 

April 21, 6:00– 7:00pm - Lemon Light 
Register by April 8.
We will be exploring electricity by using circuits and lemons! This unpredictable combo will teach you about batteries, electrical units, and more. The goal is to make light, out of lemons! We will investigate conductors and insulators, as well as current electricity. This experiment is guaranteed to leave you “shocked” with the power of science. (Note: this kit contains sharp objects.) 

April 24, 10:00– 11:00am - The Ultimate Space Journey 
Register by April 8. 
Mission Control has just sent out the latest mission– to travel to space and then land back on Earth! In this journey, you will have a “blast” and launch into space. Then, you will explore life in Space and land back on Earth. This journey includes three amazing activities that explore the possibilities of science alongside the fun of learning. (Allergy note: this kit contains astronaut ice cream! Full list of ingredients.


Have questions? Contact Dora Bever at for kit-related questions, or Juliana at for activity-related questions.

This program is being offered in partnership with the year-round Kids Science Club program run by Juliana Davidson. For more info, check out the program website!



The MIT Museum aims to make its online programs accessible to as many individuals as possible. Live closed captioning services (CART) will be provided when requested at least two weeks in advance of a program. Please email to request CART services or suggest other accommodations that would help you fully participate in this program.