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Another Slice of Pi Day

We're teaming up with the Young People's Project (YPP) for a celebration of Pi. Explore how we can find the area of a circle, build your own Möbius strip in the Maker Hub, and test your memory at our Pi Recitation Contest.

March 17
Free with Museum admission
No pre-registration required

Circles Gallery Cart
See if you can fit a circle into a rectangle and explore the relationship of the area of the circle to Pi with a tactile puzzle.

Make your own Möbius Strip
Stop by our Maker Hub to build your own Möbius Strip, a mathematical object that has long fascinated mathematicians and artists alike. Get creative as you decorate your strip, and use pencils, scissors and tape to explore the mysteries and surprises that Möbius Strips hold.

Enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of four innovative math games from YPP's Math Playground before it rolls out at the 2024 National Flagway Tournament in May. Engage in rich mathematical activities and make learning math both fun and interactive through games like Pi Chart, Roll that Fraction and Pi Number Search.

Pi Recitation Contest
Pi’s digits are infinite, but how many of them can your memory hold? Join us for a walk-in Pi recitation contest! Take the mic and see how many digits you can name by heart or stop by and watch as others show off their love for pi and their memorization skills. This contest is open to all ages and skill levels.