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Cambridge Science Festival

Join us for Cambridge Science Festival 2022!

Check out the events and programs below that will be hosted inside the MIT Museum during the festival, and visit the 2022 Cambridge Science Festival site for a complete schedule of activities and locations.

Thursday: Science + Climate

With unprecedented average temperatures and climate-related crises causing destruction across the globe, science must be our first line of defense. This day is dedicated to all things environmental, renewable and sustainable – the urgent ideas and technologies that will protect us in years to come.

Friday: Science + Food

Encounter gastronomic explorers from the furthest reaches of taste and tech, adventurers whose kitchens are laboratories, artists who cater on canvas and alchemists for whom gold is not a substance, but a flavor...this day is a place to try and to share, to experiment and explore, to learn the science behind food and meet the culinary architects designing tomorrow’s dishes.

Saturday: Science + Fashion

Boston Fashion Week presents a celebration of SMART fashion. Join us for a day of runway shows, exhibitions, discussion and interaction with designers, makers, engineers, brands, artisans, influencers and the public. Wearable tech to smart clothing, from future fabrics to the accessories you won’t be seen without – come experience the next generation of science in fashion.

Sunday: Science + Carnival

The final day of the festival is a full-on, family-friendly Great American Carnival – with Main Stage, Midway, Side Shows, Walk-abouts and more. Cambridge Science Festival’s most popular event features more than 80 individual partners, exhibitors, demonstrations, performances for an uproarious day of science- themed fun for the whole family. Don’t miss the Robot Petting Zoo, Physics- themed Circus Shows, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Freeze-Off, and so much more.

See the Cambridge Science Festival Guide for a full calendar of events and programs.

Visualizing the Proton

Hosted by the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology and Jefferson Lab.

The public premiere of a documentary about a ground-breaking new animation of the proton, and a discussion about the unique collaborative art-science process of visualizing the subatomic world.

Join MIT Professor Richard Milner, physicist Rolf Ent from Jefferson Lab, MIT documentary filmmakers Joe McMaster and Chris Boebel, animator James LaPlante of Sputnik Animation, and Leila Kinney of the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology, for the premiere of a documentary about the making of a groundbreaking new animation of the proton, and a discussion moderated by MIT Professor Krishna Rajagopal about the unique collaborative art-science process of visualizing the subatomic world.

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Silk Offers an Alternative to Microplastics

A workshop with MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Join MIT professor Benedetto Marelli and Dr. Muchun Liu as they use biodegradable silk to replace some of the microplastics in agriculture and cosmetic industries.

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Open Innovation for Climate Action

A presentation by Pinar Guvenc/SOUR Studios.

SOUR will share its mission and examples from its work that enable open-sourcing of sustainability solutions to raise awareness among the public and empower climate action.

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Listening to the Universe

An Introduction to Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics.

Come learn the latest news about gravitational waves and black holes in this presentation by Salvatore Vitale/MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research.

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Growing Islands

What if we could harness the power of the ocean to grow islands, rebuild beaches and protect coastal communities from sea level rise? Skylar Tibbits and Walt Zesk present a novel approach to addressing the mounting threat of climate change-induced coastal erosion.

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Time Travel + Visiting Ancient Life on Earth

Join biogeochemist and science journalist Fatima Husain for a quick how-to on time travel! Using fossils and information hidden in life’s genetic code, scientists and science enthusiasts alike can travel back billions of Earth years to explore the origins of life, climate change, and even astrobiology.

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Building with Nature

Join MIT graduate students James Vincent Brice and Autumn Deitrick in a hands-on wave flume demonstration to learn about water wave mechanics and the way coastal ecosystems like mangrove forests, salt marshes, seagrass meadows and oyster reefs protect our shorelines in the face of global climate change.

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Grand Challenges – How Climate, Health and Equity are Impacting Life in Boston and Beyond

The climate crisis is a health crisis. It impacts everyone, yet under-served communities are disproportionately impacted. Yet, it can be surprising to learn that not all climate actions have equal health benefits. This panel will examine the ways that climate change is already impacting health in Massachusetts — and how we can rise to the challenge. Featuring leading voices in climate, health and policy, this dynamic session will reveal a new model of how different decisions can impact climate, health and equity on the local level, how health clinics are preparing, and what’s ahead in Boston and beyond.

The panel will bring together prominent thinkers and do-ers from the Greater Boston area, and will be moderated by Biogen.

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A Discussion on Fermentation + Sustainability

Dive into the science behind the many different types of fermentation, the history of fermentation, the collapse of humanity through our food systems, and how fermentation can lead to a more sustainable mentality.

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Decoding the Brain

Meet neuroscientists from MIT’s McGovern Institute to talk about their latest discoveries in brain science, including what brain regions are devoted to food and how people can live typical lives despite missing large chunks of brain. Experience optical illusions, interact with brain-machine interfaces and artificial intelligence, and see real brains.

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New Career Opportunities in Human Nutrition

Human Nutrition is ripe for disruption driven by health and environmental concerns. Join us for a lecture and discussion as we examine emerging opportunities based in athletics, biochemistry, public policy, arts, and communications. We ask what fundamental skills will prepare a new generation of nutrition-focused professionals to lead the way to a healthier future for all.

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Hacking Grains x Chromic Duo

Hacking Grains (2022) is an immersive installation and musical theater work that explores the interconnectivity between ritual, technology, and asian identity through food and sound.

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Beyond Biomimicry

Come listen to interspecies collaborator Kate Reed talk about her collection of ecologically empowered, unique wearable objects.

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Analytics of Retail

Calling entrepreneurs, creatives, store owners, retailers and all others who have a product to sell. Learn how you can maximize your sales through understanding and using metrics. A presentation by Rhoda Okunev based on her book, Analytics for Retail: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Statistics Behind a Successful Retail Business.

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Creative Upcycling for Fashion + More

How might we reimagine the material world with hands-on creation and upcycling the creative process? Through this workshop, participants will experience designing and creating functional objects including light, bags and accessories with PVC pipe, which is a normal urban disposal and construction material. Participants will get inspired by upcycling design in the field of fashion and industrial design, as well as experience the upcycling design process with hands-on process.

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Tapis Magique, A Choreomusical Interactive Carpet

Live performance demonstration of ‘Tapis Magique: A Choreomusical Interactive Carpet."

Tapis Magique is a pressure-sensitive, knitted electronic textile carpet that generates three-dimensional sensor data based on body postures and gestures and drives an immersive sonic environment in real-time. Our work unveils dancers' creative, unconventional possibilities of agency, intimacy, and improvisation over the music through a textile interface.

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Wearable Lights Workshop

Come learn how to turn basic circuits into creative light-up wearables with Society of Women Engineers - Boston Chapter! Make your own cat ear headbands, a pin for your backpack, or even a unicorn crown!

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Tracing Threads – Meet the Artist

Azra Aksamija discusses the installation ‘Coring America', a textile art installation probing the notion of the contemporary American identity through the lens of an iconic sample of the American culture—the T-Shirt.

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Fashion Technologies with threeASFOUR

A presentation by threeASFOUR directors Brit Shaked and Gabi Asfour, who will demonstrate an array of new technologies that open up the conversation of innovative and interactive boundaries in the fashion field.

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Curiosity Challenge STEM STAR Celebration

A celebration of STEM curiosity, a panel of experts, and the prize-giving celebration for the Curiosity Challenge 2022.

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The James Webb Space Telescope, From Concept to Commissioning

A talk with F. Richard Myers, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Ground Segment and Operations Lead for Northrop Grumman. Richard shares his experiences working on the most powerful space telescope ever built, from concept design, to development, to testing, and finally to the execution of the mission itself.

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