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Decoding the Brain

Meet neuroscientists from MIT’s McGovern Institute who will talk about their latest discoveries in brain science.

Experience optical illusions, interact with brain-machine interfaces and artificial intelligence, and get an up-close look at real brains!

September 26, 2023

2:00-3:15 Talks

  • Welcome and introduction by Jill Crittenden
  • Jordan Harrod Tools for understanding and repairing the brain
  • Mikey Segal Ancient viruses are widespread in the human brain and can be harnessed for gene therapy
  • Lace Riggs Listening to the brain one cell at a time

3:15-3:30 McGovern Videos

3:30-4:45 Interactive lab demos with assistant host Lia Washington

  1. Henry Hall, Ryan Kast, Chaoyi Zhang View dissected human, sheep and mouse brains
  2. Nicki Driscoll, MJ Antonini Flexible microelectronic fibers for illuminating brain function
  3. Miranda Dawson dollhouse Identifying neural circuits that drive the addiction cycle
  4. Fernanda de la Torre Hearing and seeing the physics of the world
  5. Camille Osumah, Haoyu Du (Saxe lab) Fun with the MIT Kids Brains Team!
  6. Chris Shallal, Harrison Canning Try a brain-machine interface to control a robotic claw
  7. Eva Lendaro Unseen, yet felt: decoding phantom limb pain
  8. Nancy Tsai Building cognitive resilience
  9. Bryan Medina Understanding our memory for sounds

No pre-registration required. This program is presented as part of the 2023 Cambridge Science Festival. Admission is free.


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Jordan Harrod

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Lace Riggs

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Michael Segal