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Ig Nobel: Face to Face

Every year, the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony honors ten achievements that make people LAUGH, then THINK. This year, a new tradition begins.

The very first Ig Nobel ceremony was held in the former MIT Museum building in 1991. We're excited to now host a new twist on this very popular celebration of scientific achievement in our new space. Ig Nobel: Face to Face brings 2023 Ig Nobel Prize winners together, in-person, with the opportunity to ask each other questions about their work.

November 11, 2023
7-9:00 pm

$15 General Public
$5 for MIT ID holders

This program has sold out.


2023 Literature Prize winners Chris Moulin and Akira O’Connor
2023 Mechanical Engineering Prize winners Te Faye Yap, Zhen Liu, Anoop Rajappan, Trevor Shimokusu, and Daniel Preston
2023 Public Health Prize winner Seung-min Park
2023 Communication Prize winner Adolfo García
2023 Medicine Prize winners Christine Pham and Natasha Mesinkovska
2023 Nutrition Prize winner Homei Miyashita
2023 Education Prize winners Katy Tam and Christian Chan
2023 Physics Prize winners Bieito Fernández Castro and Miguel Gilcoto
Ig Nobel founder and emcee Marc Abrahams
Conversants Dany Adams, Melissa Franklin, Karen Hopkin, (Nobel laureate) Eric Maskin

Be sure to watch the 33rd annual awards ceremony that took place on September 14, 2023.