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MIT class ring, 2011

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Display sample of Class of 2011 ring in presentation box. Gold plated.

Alumni around the world recognize each other by their brass rats--a distinctive class ring featuring the Institute's mascot, the beaver. Suggested by students and alumni, the beaver was chosen as the mascot this way:

"We first thought of the kangaroo, which, like Tech, goes forward by leaps and bounds. Then we considered the elephant. He is wise, patient, strong, hard working, and--like all those who graduate from Tech--has a good tough hide. But neither of these were American animals. We turned to [William Temple] Hornaday's book on the animals of North America and instantly chose the beaver. The beaver not only typifies the Tech [student], but his habits are peculiarly our own as well. The beaver is noted for his engineering, mechanical skills, and industry. His habits are nocturnal. He does his best work in the dark."

In spring 2009, the MIT Museum sponsored a competition among undergraduate classes that led to the selection of the Class of 2011 ring for display in the MIT 150 Exhibition. [MIT 150 Exhibition label text]

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