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Ellipse 02-02-01

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From the project "More or Less Exact".

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For their Master of Architecture thesis project, MIT graduate students Dalma Földesi and Jung In Seo used 3D-printed clay to explore manual and mechanical control of materials. The project challenged two ideas of exactness: that architects can control the ‘exact’ production of their designs, and that the shaping of matter—especially by a machine—can be an ‘exact’ process. Exploiting the unpredictable coiling and folding of clay, these models show that it is not always possible to create an exact, pre-planned geometry. These calibration studies model different possibilities of form that result from machine actions (extruding, circling) and human actions (slicing, pushing). Földesi and Seo made dozens of study models which they then built on to create larger, more complex, and more intentional final forms.

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