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National Institute of Education, Phase I Campus Master Plan & Design, Nanyang Technological University

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Project description from KMW firm website:

"The National Institute has its four principal academic schools of Education, Arts, Sciences and Physical Education located on a central elevated plateau and grouped around a wedge shaped elongated greensward. At one end there is the gateway of the bar-like administration building at the other the segmental circle of the library with spectacular panoramic views over the Malaysian peninsular.

Each school is defined by its C-shaped volume around a large courtyard with stepped side wings descending the sloped terrain and embracing the location of occasional specialized structures. The buildings are long low-rise structures with 3 levels on the central green and up to 6 levels to the courtyards below. Future extension is envisaged by lengthening the side wings or adding other special use buildings, in the courtyards.

The academic spaces and office levels above are connected by a campus wide circulation system of covered walks, arcades, and all have facades with louvers and roof overhangs giving protection from the intense heat and rainfall of the region.

In association with CPG Corporation."


- 2007 BSA Award for Design Excellence

- 2005 Energy Efficient Building Award Presented by the Building and Construction Authority

See David Dillon, "The Architecture of Kallmann McKinnell & Wood" (2004), pp. 144-147.

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