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United States Embassy, Dhaka

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Project description from KMW firm website:

"Located in the new diplomatic quarter Baridhara in the city of Dhaka, the embassy at 81,000 square feet was conceived as a low four-square building in a garden of palm trees. The architectural design, local materials, and corner towers recall many of the themes of Mogul architecture. Another Mogul feature incorporated in the design is a moat encircling the building, which provides a secondary barrier of security.

The building is raised on a slight podium, to minimize flooding, and has three floors above grade, with the upper two set back above a planted terrace. A car-drop-off is provided outside of the compound from where most visitors will proceed through the gates on foot to the chancery.

A three story high central atrium serves as a place for informal meeting and receptions. A covered arcade borders the entry court to shelter visitors from the elements. Brick, the most frequently used material in the country, is the primary exterior material of the Chancery building."